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Hit-Recorder is the award wining tool to obtain free and legally thousands of music files in shortest time. By the automatic admission of many internet radio stations your music collecting grows automatically; Hit-Recorder takes up to 20 records the same time. So you have hundred MP3's on your disk after a few hours, without using obscure file-sharing networks.

A filter takes care of songs from your favorite artist and a scheduler offers the opportunity to record a certain program. Edit your new songs with the integrated audio editor, create music or data CD's, copy it on your USB stick, iPod®, PSP® or PDA/Smartphone. Use the CD Ripper to rip an arbitrary number of audio tracks from CDs as MP3, OGG or WMA to your hard disk; of course with full Title-Detection (CDDB support).

As the first and currently only application Hit-Recorder can directly record to PlayStation Portable. Just plug in your PSP and Hit-Recorder directly save your music to PlayStation Portable. Manage your music files using the Music library, edit with the audio editor and many more ... Do everything you want!

With Hit-Recorder you are absolutely mobile! The application can be installed directly on a USB stick, so you can always and everywhere load and administrate music to your stick; even on the iPod® and PSP®!

The main features on a view:

Select from thousands of internet radio stations (with free online update)
Takes automatically up to 20 parallel records the same time
Seperates the received stream into individual songs automatically
Record directly to your PlayStation Portable (Screenshot)
Names the individual songs automatically using the stream information (Supports ID3 tags)
Selects automatically the optimal bit rate
The CD Ripper rip an arbitrary number of audio tracks from CDs to MP3, OGG or WMA
Selective recording filter: Enter your favorite search pattern and Hit-Record record only matching titles
Edit your recorded songs music files with the built-in audio editor
Install the Hit-Recorder directly on your USB-Stick, iPod® or PSP® (PlayStation Portable)
Copy your music files to USB stick, iPod®, PSP® (PlayStation Portable) or PDA/Smartphone
Convert your recorded songs and other audio files (MP3, OGG, WMA)
Burn your new music files on CD
Timer-controlled recordings
Manage your records with the built-in powerfull music management
Traffic-Control accurately the data transfer generated by the Hit-Recorder

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